Fluke Unveils New Infrared Cameras

Noria news wires

Fluke recently introduced a new series of infrared cameras to help technicians, engineers and electricians detect and diagnose equipment problems.

The Ti450 and Ti480 Pro Series incorporate increased thermal sensitivity to capture minute temperature differences as well as the latest technology for on-screen clarity to make it easy to visualize issues in the field.

The cameras feature on-screen images with clear visual color differentiation along with an intuitive touchscreen user interface to speed detection and diagnose issues. Deviations from standard temperatures are displayed using multiple Delta-T markers, allowing users to choose one as a reference point.

Multiple rectangle markers in-camera identify minimum and maximum temperatures for an area of the equipment or an equipment array. Heat differences are easily distinguished with a new palette and a wider array of yellows and greens.

An advanced focusing system enables users to capture an automated, focused image of multiple targets at once. Images can then be uploaded and combined with measurement data from multiple test tools to create and share reports from the jobsite via email.

Both cameras are also compatible with all Fluke infrared smart lenses, which include macro, telephoto and wide-angle options.

For more information, visit www.fluke.com.

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