Strategies for More Reliable Power Transmission Components

If your business operates in the mining, industrial or manufacturing sectors, you understand the importance of reliable power transmission components to keep your organization running. These components are used in almost every modern industry, enabling processes to run by connecting moving parts in machinery.

From increasing plant efficiency to reducing breakdowns and costly unscheduled maintenance, you need quality belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets and other power transmission components to get the job done. This will translate into substantial savings in longer operating life, reduced maintenance and better production or output targets.

While every industry has its own unique challenges, all plants seek increased machine uptime, reduced maintenance, improved safety, energy savings and a lower total cost of ownership. The keys to achieving this are to rely on quality component brands and ensure components are well-maintained.

Increase Uptime with Proper Maintenance

An effective preventive maintenance program is one of the best ways to sustain productivity and keep your business running safely. Noise, wear, vibration and ultimately machine downtime can all be the result of poor maintenance. On the other hand, properly maintained components are one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to boost power transmission.

Belt performance can be impacted by factors such as inadequate drive maintenance, environmental conditions, faulty installation, poor design, improper handling and defective components. Some industries have even found that poor drive maintenance can impede productivity by as much as 42 percent.

Solutions to Boost Productivity, Reduce Costs

To get the most from your power transmission components, follow these guidelines:

Rely on Quality Brands

Research the top component brands on the market and select a balance of price, reliability, longevity and support for your application.

Invest in a Regular Maintenance Program

Ensure profitability through regular maintenance programs with fully trained staff or industry professionals.

Partner with a Transmission Products Expert

Look for experts who can provide specialized support, understand your products and industry, offer onsite engineering and technical visits, arrange accredited training programs for your staff, and can verify that your team is maintaining belts and pulleys to optimize their lifespan.

Your first step is to confirm that the components and products you purchase are of high quality. It then comes down to regular professional assessments and maintenance of your machinery.

About the Author

Alex Hamilton writes for Statewide Bearings, a leading industrial bearing supplier based in Australia. Contact Alex on Google+.

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