Fluke Expands Condition Monitoring System to Include Thermal Monitoring

Noria news wires

Fluke Corp. recently expanded the capabilities of its condition monitoring system to include thermal monitoring with the addition of a new thermal imaging sensor.

The 3550 FC thermal imaging sensor has been engineered to visualize thermal patterns on multiple assets. The sensor communicates directly with the Fluke Connect Cloud for continuous streaming of thermal images, enabling maintenance managers to detect problems by visually inspecting sequential thermal images remotely. Alarms can be set to notify the user when the center-point temperature exceeds preset parameters.

The compact sensor can be placed in areas that are dangerous or difficult to reach, reducing the risk to technicians. Images and measurements can be viewed on handheld devices or computers, allowing anytime access to key data to conduct smarter evaluations.

The sensor can operate in high-performance mode to capture images over a 11- to 14-hour period or in energy-saving mode to capture sequential images for up to three days. The AC power adapter can also be used for long-term continuous monitoring.

Equipment data can be viewed in multiple graphs, including center-point temperature data, for more comprehensive evaluations of asset health.

For more information, visit www.fluke.com.

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