Fluke Introduces New Motor Analyzer and Cloud Platform

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Fluke and Veros Systems recently entered an agreement to collaborate on asset performance and condition monitoring technologies with the goal of increasing visibility into the efficiency and reliability of electric motor-driven machines. The Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer is the first tool to result from this collaboration.

The Fluke 438-II analyzes three-phase power quality measurements and uses an innovative method developed by Veros to calculate motor output torque, speed, horsepower and efficiency. Using this information, engineers and technicians can evaluate system performance and detect overload conditions while the motor is operational, without the use of mechanical sensing devices such as tachometers, strain gauges or other intrusive sensors.

Fluke also introduced an open cloud platform that connects maintenance software, equipment and critical plant systems. Accelix integrates Fluke's portfolio of wireless tools and condition monitoring sensors to the company's computerized maintenance management system, and shares information with enterprise solutions of choice. It is designed to help maintenance teams access the benefit of connected equipment, tools, measurement data and software systems by eliminating common barriers many face when implementing a comprehensive reliability program.

"An overwhelming amount of maintenance activity happens in a black hole," said Brian Samelson, Fluke's president of digital systems. "Accelix solves this prevalent problem with a combination of familiar and trusted tools that connect seamlessly and are cost-effective to implement. We have removed the barriers that often separate the promise of advanced technologies from the reality of most maintenance and reliability professionals, for virtually any size operation."

For more information, visit www.fluke.com.

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