John Deere Launches Machine Health Monitoring Center

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John Deere recently launched its new Machine Health Monitoring Center inside the company's Dubuque Works facility in Dubuque, Iowa, to help monitor machines, react and respond more efficiently to critical issues that can result in costly downtime.

Within the monitoring center, specialists with a deep understanding of equipment and expert analytical capabilities develop solutions by analyzing aggregated machine data, identifying trends that warrant a closer look, and then creating new and improved preventive maintenance and repair protocols.

"Data from thousands of connected John Deere machines flows here," said Tim Worthington, manager of product support services for John Deere Construction & Forestry. "The Machine Health Monitoring Center is the central nervous system of our monitoring network. While dealers focus on addressing issues that may immediately impact our customers' fleet, the Center keeps an eye on the big picture, drawing from the collective intelligence gained through data from thousands of machines. It enables us to develop and deploy solutions to repair machines faster and help our customers avoid unexpected downtime altogether."

Working in tandem with the Machine Health Monitoring Center are Machine Monitoring Centers at dealerships across America. These centers feature trained dealer specialists who use advanced telematics and alert management tools to stay on top of potential issues. When necessary, they can engage trained technicians who are armed with the capability to read and clear diagnostic codes, record machine performance data and even update software without ever visiting the machine in the field.

"Our dealers see the value in monitoring capabilities, allowing them to identify and begin solving problems before the customer is even aware of them," said Jena Holtberg-Benge, director of John Deere WorkSight and ForestSight. "Our goal is for 100 percent of our North American dealers to have a machine monitoring strategy in place by the end of 2017."

For more information, visit www.JohnDeere.com.

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