ArcelorMittal, Evonik, LafargeHolcim, Solvay Form Partnership

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ArcelorMittal, Evonik, LafargeHolcim and Solvay recently announced the formation of a new low-carbon technology partnership across the steel, cement and chemicals industries.

The new partnership will examine the potential synergies that exist between the manufacturing processes of these three energy-intensive sectors and how these synergies could be harnessed to reduce carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions.

As a first step, the partnership will produce a study to identify potential ways to valorize industrial off-gases and other by-products from their manufacturing processes to produce goods with a lower carbon footprint than through the fossil path.

Initial findings suggest that increased availability and greater access to renewable energy sources would significantly boost net carbon reduction efforts by the three sectors within a supportive legislative framework.

The study, which is being conducted at a European level, will build the groundwork for a similar investigation at a global level to identify and assess industrial-scale projects on carbon capture and usage between the sectors.

"We are excited to build a partnership that demonstrates our commitment to developing a low-carbon, circular economy steel business and explores the numerous efficiency opportunities across other energy-intensive industries," said Carl de Maré, ArcelorMittal's vice president head of technology strategy. "This will help us to develop and industrialize carbon re-use technologies, ensuring that waste products created from the steelmaking process are effectively harnessed and re-used, reducing our direct carbon footprint but also creating commercially valuable products that have a lower carbon footprint than currently available alternatives."

For more information, visit www.arcelormittal.com.

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