SPM Instrument Introduces New Vibration Enveloping Technique

Noria news wires

SPM Instrument recently launched a new high-definition vibration enveloping technique for detection of early stage gear and bearing faults.

A complement to traditional vibration analysis, HD Enveloping utilizes engineered algorithms for digital signal processing, preserving the true highest peak of the vibration signal. Signals buried in machine noise are revealed through high-definition digital enveloping, extracting and enhancing the signals of interest from the overall machinery vibration signal.

Used to monitor applications in the 15-20,000 revolutions per minute range, the HD Enveloping technique can be employed with existing vibration transducer installations and easily integrates into industrial infrastructures.

The unit of measurement is HD Real Peak, which is a scalar value expressed in decibels. Representing the true amplitude levels found in the envelope signal, HD Real Peak is the primary value used for determining the severity of a given damage as well as for triggering alarms. Spectrums and time signals also provide a snapshot of machine condition to alert the maintenance department of a potential problem.

The setup of the HD Enveloping measurements in the diagnostic software is straightforward. A set of predefined filters are available for easy selection, with each designed to detect damages or anomalies in different stages of development.

For more information, visit www.spminstrument.com.

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