Azima DLI Launches Watchman Online Systems Update

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Azima DLI recently released a new version of its Watchman Online Systems, the server-based data collection and reporting tool used by manufacturing plants for operation-critical assets.

The systems continuously monitor machines for changes in vibration, pressure and machine speed to provide executives, technical experts, and maintenance and reliability managers with actionable data for strategic decision-making about maintenance and capital expenditure spending as well as production performance optimization.

The release of the Watchman Online Systems includes new data collection hardware with wired and wireless applications as well as battery-powered and line-powered options. The traditional use of major communication cabling is now replaced by taking advantage of existing networked LAN lines, making installation faster and easier while reducing the startup costs for deployment.

"Decreasing the footprint of our condition monitoring systems saves our customers money and improves diagnostic testing for remote or hazardous locations," said Michael DeMaria, Azima DLI director of product management. "It's a win-win for both the executives in charge of budgets and the safety of those who work around the equipment."

The updated Watchman Online Systems also contain the new version of Alert Online Engine 3.0, the software that configures customized testing parameters for each monitored machine. In addition to supporting new data types, this software improves communication between multiple hardware acquisition devices and the centrally hosted diagnostic software. The systems can also be integrated with portable data collection programs.

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