AMP Launches Asset Management Study

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Following the release of the ISO 55000 series of standards focusing on asset management, the Association for Maintenance Professionals (AMP) has launched a new asset management study to reveal insights into current and future asset management practices.

The organization is seeking input from 1,000 reliability leaders for the study, which is designed to provide a 1- to 5-year look at asset management practices, investment priorities and challenges being faced by asset owners and other stakeholders.

Participation in the 30-question survey is estimated to take only 10 to 15 minutes. While individuals may participate anonymously, all respondents must complete industry demographic information to assist in the gathering of useful data.

Information will be collected only to reveal insights and trends. No individual information or organizations will be identified in the resulting reports. Participants may choose to identify themselves in order to receive a free copy of the summary report that will be issued, but contact information will not be sold, traded or shared.

To participate in the asset management study, click here.

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