SKF Launches Laser Vibrometer

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SKF recently launched a digital, single-box vibrometer that offers service engineers a flexible tool for collecting vibration measurements in a large number of field applications.

Developed specifically for non-contact vibration measurements, the Laser Vibrometer MSL-7000 meets the need of those who wish to conduct end-of-line noise testing for their products, especially for noise-critical applications such as fans, electric motors, pumps and household appliances.

The single-unit meter design is easy to integrate into test setups and existing control systems, and covers acoustic measurements from 0.2 hertz (for slow rotations) up to 22 kilohertz.

The MSL-7000 can also be used for mobile condition monitoring, together with the SKF Microlog series, where it enables non-contact measurements that could not be taken previously, such as for measurements on hot surfaces and through glass.

"The SKF Laser Vibrometer can help customers who need advanced and flexible vibration measurement, regardless whether they are doing retrofitted quality inspection or if they are doing vibration measurement in difficult locations," says Werner Palmetshofer of the Condition Monitoring Center in Steyr, Austria.

Because it employs non-contact measurement, the MSL-7000 is significantly less subject to wear, making it an efficient and cost-effective tool.

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