Azima DLI Introduces New Series of Vibration Data Collectors

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Azima DLI recently introduced its latest generation of vibration data collectors and machine condition analyzers. The TRIO CA8/CX8 and CA10/CX10 are portal-enabled allowing them to connect directly to the Azima DLI Watchman Reliability Portal for complete visibility into a facility’s predictive maintenance (PdM) program with real-time results and business level metrics.

"As a company, we strive to provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies that help them manage their work and ensure safety and efficiency across plant floors," said Randy Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing at Azima DLI. "The TRIO 8-series and 10-series devices have been specifically designed to improve the flexibility, usability, productivity and safety of field data-collection technicians while enabling them with the latest wireless technologies to get their jobs done efficiently."

The CX8 is designed for maintenance professionals who desire a thin, tablet-style device for their everyday work. Portable and lightweight, it features a 10-inch tablet controller that allows users to easily see data while they are in the field.

The Trio 10-Series has been given an IP-65 environmental rating and includes a large hot-swappable battery, powerful dual-core processor and 10-inch touchscreen.

All TRIO data collection instruments integrate Bluetooth modular technology to ensure the safest in-field operation and a low overall cost of ownership.

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