SPM Instrument Introduces New Condition Monitoring Device

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SPM Instrument recently introduced its next generation of handheld measuring devices, the Leonova Diamond. The portable, heavy-duty instrument is designed for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. It is the first portable device to offer the SPM HD measuring technique for condition monitoring of rolling element bearings.

The instrument also boasts sophisticated vibration analysis capabilities, with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and razor-sharp spectrums even where signals are weak and low in energy content. The wide frequency range, covering from 0 to 40 KHz, enables measurement where absolute position is vital.

For machinery with journal bearings, the Leonova Diamond reliably measures dynamic and centerline movement of the shaft. Multi-channel measurement enables the use of triaxial transducers and multi-axes vibration monitoring while cutting long measuring routes down to a minimum of time.

On machinery operating under variable speed, the device's order tracking functionality provides reliable data and clear measuring results under large RPM variations. Corrective maintenance techniques such as run up-coast down measurement, shaft alignment and dynamic balancing can be added to the instrument as optional modules.

"Leonova Diamond is the latest proof of our commitment to developing first-class condition monitoring products for more profitable maintenance," said Stefan Lindberg, managing director of SPM Instrument. "In a direct response to feedback from SPM customers worldwide, we developed a durable, high-performance instrument that will deliver long working life under the toughest, most demanding circumstances."

For more information, visit www.leonovabyspm.com.

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