Meltric Offers Replacement Tip for Safety Switches

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Meltric Corporation now offers Decontactor switch-rated plugs and receptacles for retrofitting obsolete safety switches that would otherwise be repaired or replaced.

The plugs and receptacles, which are UL- and CSA-approved for motor-circuit and branch-circuit disconnect switching, eliminate the need for expensive interlocks. They feature a switching mechanism that not only ensures contacts are electrically dead before the plug can be removed from its receptacle, but also the safe make or break of live connections.

The Decontactor’s dead-front design provides safety when re-inserting the plug into the receptacle, as the male contacts do not engage the live female contacts until after they are fully enclosed inside the device’s arc chambers, thus preventing exposure to arc flashes even in short-circuit conditions. Any qualified employee can quickly connect and disconnect electrical equipment.

Retrofitting an interlocked receptacle safety switch with a Decontactor consists of simply removing the safety switch’s original receptacle, installing an adapter plate on the safety switch and mounting the Decontactor receptacle onto the adapter plate. There is no need to bend conduit or pull wires to complete the retrofit.

Any qualified employee can quickly connect and disconnect electrical equipment. The retrofitting process takes a minimal amount of time and reduces costs by allowing the continued used of the original safety switch, over-current protection and enclosure.

The Decontactor’s heavy-duty casings offer excellent resistance in harsh environments, while the spring-assisted terminals prevent loose conductors due to strand settlement and conductor yield. Decontactors are available with up to five auxiliary contacts, allowing engineers to combine control and power circuits in one connection.

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