Mobius Releases New Vibration Analysis App

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Mobius Institute has released a new application for the Apple iPhone featuring a database of machine fault profiles and a user interface that allows impending machine problems to be easily identified.

The iVibe is a vibration analysis resource that can recognize machine faults from various perspectives, including viewing spectral symptoms, suspected fault conditions, by machine component or by browsing example spectra.

The application covers the most common machine fault conditions and also assists in diagnosing more obscure conditions such as cavitation, rubbing, eccentric rotating assemblies, resonance, soft foot, improperly installed bearings, drive belt issues and more.

“Mobius iVibe is a must-have tool for any machine analyst with an Apple iPhone,” said Jason Tranter, Mobius Institute’s founder and managing director.

The application, which was designed to replace bulky reference materials and diagnostic wall charts, can be found by searching the App Store for iPhone and costs $3.99.

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