Modal Shop Releases Portable Vibration Calibrator

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The Modal Shop’s new 9100D portable vibration calibrator promises fast and simple field calibration for various types of accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes. The rugged design makes it ideal for use on the plant floor and for traveling between multiple worksites, while a simplified user interface makes calibration an intuitive process. With calibration capabilities ranging from 7 Hz to 10 kHz over an amplitude range of up to 20 g, the vibration calibrator can be a powerful and versatile calibration tool for test engineers and technicians.

Whether being used to confirm alarm trip points in the plant or to verify sensors in a lab, the simplified navigation and quick four-step calibration process make the 9100D easy to learn and operate. To calibrate, attach the sensor, power the unit on, set the frequency and amplitude, and record the results. The system interface is composed of only two dials, allowing measurement units to be changed and levels to be set for use with the sensor under test.  

The onsite calibration process takes a matter of minutes, allowing end-to-end functionality checks while avoiding the downtime required when sending sensors out for calibration. The calibrations produced comply with ISO 9000 and ISO 17025/A2LA requirements for vibration sensors and proximity probes.

The 9100D’s shaker armature, precision reference accelerometer, digital electronics, 18-plus-hour battery and measurement software are all protected by a durable case. Built-in storage allows the external power supply, supporting tools and accessories to be stowed directly inside the case. For more information, visit

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