Honda revises green purchasing guidelines

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Striving to better track and reduce greenhouse gases and other aspects of its environmental footprint over the entire life cycle of Honda products including the business activities of its suppliers, Honda Motor Company Ltd. has revised the Honda Green Purchasing Guidelines formulated in 2001 to guide Honda’s environmental conservation activities in the area of purchasing.

Reflecting the globalization of Honda’s purchasing practices, Honda Green Purchasing Guidelines were revised in order to apply to all parts and materials suppliers around the world. With the new guidelines, Honda will strive to better track and reduce the environmental footprint of Honda products throughout the supply chain beyond primary suppliers. Starting in January 2011, Honda will sequentially share the revised guidelines with suppliers around the world and continue its efforts toward the realization of a low-carbon society on a global basis.

Since the announcement of the Honda Environmental Statement in 1992, environmental conservation activities have been one of the top priorities of Honda’s corporate activities. Honda has been committed not only to develop products with outstanding environmental performance, but also to take various environmentally-responsible measures in all areas of its corporate activities including purchasing, production, administration, logistics, sales, and recycling.

Realizing that a commitment to environmental issues is its corporate responsibility to customers and society, Honda will continue its effort to deliver products with the smallest environmental footprint to customers around the world, through corporate activities with the smallest environmental footprint.

• Outline of Honda Green Purchasing Guidelines and Key Revisions


Outline of Honda Green Purchasing Guidelines and Key Revisions
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