A poem about plant maintenance (you need to read this!)

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"Maintenance evangelist" Joel Leonard forwarded this poem to us at Reliable Plant. We thought it important enough to share it with you. Enjoy!


Jotun maintenance poem…………..

So Maintenance is a cost, so you say,

Please look at things, another way,

With maintenance correct, your systems run fine.

There are great reductions, in your breakdown time.

So if you are talking, just maintenance cost.

Think of those breakdowns, and what you have lost.

Production, a deadline, maybe a customer too,

Surely you see, that’s a bigger cost to you.

So now let’s consider, our CMMS,

On its own it’s something, but still not the best.

However, with planned, and predictive maintenance as well,

It’s sure to reduce, all that production breakdown hell.

Then train our operators, on what parts to clean,

Autonomous maintenance, now is that so obscene

Machinery do they know, what operating parameters are set

I’m sure if you ask them, they will say NO, that’s a bet.

So in conclusion, hopefully you can see,

Maintenance as a cost, a complete fallacy

But to optimise it fully, we need a different attack,

With correct tools in your toolbox, there’s no turning back

Train up your operators, these misunderstandings they cost.

Then between us all, we’ll reduce your running time lost

Optimise your maintenance, start your journey right now,

Its something to embrace, come on use your, know how.


Steven Minshall  2010

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