Survey to examine trends in enterprise asset management

ARC Advisory Group
The impact of the information explosion combined with mobility is profoundly larger than previously thought. Your help is needed to assess the changes. This ARC Advisory Group survey for enterprise asset management (EAM) trends examines current and future expectations for maintenance practices, EAM functions, mobility and inventory optimization. 
Who should take this survey: If you are involved in the maintenance function, you should take this survey.
Why your participation is important: The survey results provide a guide for assessing new functions, application integration and emerging technologies. The results can be used to add credibility to your proposals.
Also, the report is used to guide future application development. Your “vote” impacts the EAM community.
Privacy: Your privacy is assured and your personal identification will not be released to others. No individual or company will be identified in the report. Your response is accumulated with others to chart the results. Only aggregated information is published.
Benefits of taking this survey: You will gain a valuable external perspective from your peers who are involved with maintenance. Those who complete the survey will receive a free copy of the final report ($1,295 value). Also, within a week, you will be sent last year's report from a similar survey.
The survey is Web-based and should take about 30 minutes during the course of a day. If you know someone who would be interested in this survey, forward this to them.

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