Optimize wireless condition monitoring with Essential Insight.mesh

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Wireless condition monitoring is a key factor in plant health and safety, however; battery powered monitoring devices require maintenance and put limitations on data collection. Essential Insight.mesh 1.1, the latest version of the Bently Nevada product line’s wireless condition monitoring solution, has external power flexibility eliminating the need for batteries and associated maintenance. The external power also allows for the selection of more frequent data collection, meeting a broader range of applications, and it is the world’s first electromagnetic vibration energy harvester powering a sensor mesh network. This offering along with flexible mounting options provides easier installation that best meets specific application deployment needs with more flexibility than previous solutions.

“The addition of Essential Insight.mesh 1.1 is another example of how GE continues to invest in wireless technology and enhance our current solutions,” said Sean Coyle, Bently Nevada product line manager. “The addition of these features provides our customers with flexible options and alternatives to the traditional battery powered device.”

The Essential Insight.mesh platform has Zone 0 hazardous area certification allowing deployment anywhere in the plant. In addition, each device supports four channels with up to six measurements per channel including acceleration enveloping, overall value, waveform and spectrum. The solution enables early equipment failure mode detection and diagnosis for optimization of outage planning, equipment usage and production and simplifies asset maintenance.

For more information, visit: http://www.ge-energy.com/prod_serv/products/oc/en/bently_nevada/wireless_portable.htm.

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