Background on Honeywell's Baldrige Award-winning business

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

What made Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies LLC worthy of winning the Baldrige Award. Here is a synopsis from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST):

Type of Work: Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies LLC (FM&T) is a management and operating contractor at the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas City Plant contract. The facilities under management are multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing operations specializing in electrical, mechanical, and engineered material components. They are one of the nation’s most diverse low-volume, high reliability production facilities serving government agencies, national laboratories, universities, and U.S. industry.

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Revenues: $540 million operating budget

Workforce: 2,704 (1,088 salaried and 896 hourly)


  • Kansas City Plant (Kansas City, Mo.)
  • Kirtland Operations: Six locations on or around Kirtland AFB (Albuquerque, N.M.)
  • Satellite Office at Los Alamos National Laboratory Facility (Los Alamos, N.M.)
  • Ft. Chaffee Facility (Barling, Ark.)


  • Overall customer satisfaction has been maintained at or above 95 percent for the past four years. This level compares favorably to commercial best-in-class, whose levels range from 78 percent to 85 percent for the same period. The percentage of customers willing to continue work with FM&T is measured by quarter, and this has been maintained at 96 percent for the past four quarters. This level compares favorably with a commercial (private) best in class level of 95 percent for the same period.

  • FM&T’s governance system is the Management Assurance System used for identifying, implementing, measuring, and sustaining the “critical to quality” needs necessary for desired performance. The system is also the basis for deployment of FM&T’s purpose, vision, mission, and values.

  • Customer product quality and reliability performance is segmented by traditional and non-traditional customers. The combined quality/reliability performance level has been at 99.9 percent for traditional customers for the past three years. The level for non-traditional customers has been trending upwards since fiscal year 2006 from roughly 98.4 percent to 99 percent in fiscal year 2008.

  • Through the Enterprise Alignment Process, the daily accountability of the salaried and hourly workforce is aligned to the FM&T balanced scorecard and strategic plan. These processes contribute to satisfaction scores of 72 percent for “workforce feels appreciated” compared to commercial best in class manufacturers of 67 percent, a score of 81 percent for “management listens to ideas” compared to 76 percent, a score of 72 percent for “positive environment” compared to 58 percent, and a score of 80 percent for “information provided” compared to 65 percent.

  • FM&T’s senior leader open door policy and information sharing are two of its leadership strengths. Quarterly meetings are held to share the state of the business and respond to employee questions and concerns. “Skip level” meetings and e-mail boxes such as “Ask FM&T President” provide avenues for employees to have direct access to senior leadership.

  • FM&T's use of the Six Sigma Plus Continuous Improvement Model ensures integration of customer and business requirements into all design projects. Use of this approach has resulted in cost savings from increased productivity and deployed innovations of between $23.5 million and $27 million annually for the past three fiscal years.

  • FM&T demonstrates good citizenship through employee-giving programs, such as Honeywell Hometown Solutions, the FM&T Employees Club, and the Christmas in October and Harvesters food collections. Employee volunteer hours donated averaged roughly 15,000 hours per year from 2006 to 2009.

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