ASQ fighting to keep Baldrige program alive

American Society for Quality

The American Society for Quality has stepped in to help the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to save the program. The U.S. National Commission for Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (NCFRR) was formed several months ago to make recommendations for ways to reduce the nation’s debt. One of the government programs on the chopping block is the Baldrige program. ASQ is working along with the Baldrige Foundation, The Alliance (the state programs), and others who have supported this valuable program over the years to let the commissioners know that the Baldrige program is not simply an award program. The commission is due to vote on the co-chairs’ recommendations on December 1.

Read the ASQ letter to the NCFRR (PDF, 92 KB)

Read letters to the NCFRR from the:
Baldrige & Alliance Fiscal Commission (PDF, 665 KB)
California Council for Excellence (PDF, 70 KB)

Read more about the NCFRR recommendations (PDF, 306 KB)

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