Report finds manufacturers need better goal alignment to stay competitive

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Halogen Software on November 9 announced the findings of a new report from Aberdeen Group that takes an in-depth look at how manufacturing organizations can achieve best-in-class employee performance management. The study draws a strong link between talent management processes such as goal alignment and employee development and the overall success of manufacturing organizations. Aberdeen also highlights Halogen customer CFS as an example of the powerful impact that employee performance management best practices can have on achieving organizational goals.

Manufacturing organizations are faced with a number of challenges: They must drive revenue growth, improve compliance and streamline operations, while balancing a limited resource supply and aging workforce. The study, which assessed the talent management practices of 65 leading manufacturing organizations, found that best-in-class manufacturing organizations that have a strong focus on talent management, including the use of automated solutions, are better able to address compliance, create time and cost savings, and drive productivity through stronger employee engagement.

CFS is a leading manufacturer of equipment and materials for the food preparation, processing and packaging industry. Since rolling out Halogen’s employee performance management system in 2007, the organization has seen a dramatic improvement in goal alignment, a significant reduction in turnover and an encouraging increase in voluntary training.

“Our objective was to make performance and development an ongoing discussion,” explained Scott Mottern, regional human resources manager, CFS Group B.V. “When our employees see how their performance ties into career development, it makes it easier to get their buy-in and enables us to align individual efforts with the goals of the organization. The end result is that we are much more agile as a manufacturer and able to rapidly respond to business needs.”

The Aberdeen study underscores the importance of talent management in tackling a wide range of business drivers for manufacturers, such as safety, compliance and quality. Given these issues are also driving key corporate objectives for many manufacturers, the report also demonstrated an interesting link between corporate performance and goal management: The overwhelming majority of the highest performing manufacturers include goal alignment as a cornerstone of their talent management strategy.

“Aligning employee output and performance with the overall business strategy can help neutralize the impacts of these pressures and boost organizational performance. This approach really provides a roadmap for implementing a talent management strategy and supporting technologies to manage performance and align individuals with company objectives,” explained Jayson Saba, research analyst for human capital management, Aberdeen Group.

A copy of the study can be accessed on the Halogen Software Web site: http://www.halogensoftware.com/resources/white-papers/employee_performance_management.php

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