Raytheon heralded as one of America's green companies

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Raytheon Company has been ranked as the 75th greenest company in America in the second annual Newsweek Green Rankings. The magazine evaluated the 500 largest publicly traded companies in America.

The No. 75 ranking in 2010 represents a significant leap for Raytheon, which last year came in at No. 208. Raytheon also finished in the No. 3 spot within the Transportation and Aerospace sector, ahead of Lockheed, Northrop Grumman and Boeing, and behind only United Technologies and UPS.

The Green Rankings were derived from three categories: Environmental Impact, Green Policies and Reputation, which were weighted at 45 percent, 45 percent and 10 percent respectively. Hundreds of metrics were considered, including those measuring greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water usage and pollution performance. After researching its own environmental data, Newsweek allowed each company to review the data for accuracy and furnish any additional pertinent information.

The improvement in Raytheon’s ranking is due in part to the company’s Raytheon Sustainability program, launched in 2009. The program seeks to find ways to protect our environment and conserve natural resources by engaging our employees, customers, suppliers and communities. It’s our commitment to future generations. To learn more about the program, visit the Raytheon Sustainability Web site.

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