AFE, MentorNet encourage students to enter facilities-related professions

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The Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) has signed an agreement with MentorNet to locate members of the AFE community willing to guide and support students interested in pursuing facilities engineering, maintenance and operations careers.

“This initiative is a further commitment to the future development of the facilities-related professions,” said Kate Kerrigan, chair of the AFE Foundation. “AFE and the AFE Foundation consider it a great honor that MentorNet, a recognized leader in guiding and supporting students through the mentoring programs, would partner with us to help students interested in these professions.”

AFE is the first organization in the facilities engineering or maintenance and operations community to partner with MentorNet, an organization committed to matching students – particularly those in underrepresented populations – with mentors in the disciplines of engineering, mathematics, computer, physical and life sciences, and technology fields. Students from community college, undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, or early career faculty levels are eligible to take participate in the program.

The AFE Foundation – an organization whose mission is to promote the facilities engineering profession through education, research and community service – funded the MentorNet initiative.

David Porush, MentorNet’s CEO, said the two organizations seem to be the “right fit” for the initiative. “MentorNet is a leader in helping to find experienced professionals to guide and encourage students, while AFE is a leader in the facilities engineering community” Porush noted. “With this partnership, they’ve shown their dedication to and understanding of the importance of supporting and encouraging the next generation of professionals in their field. Given the great pride facilities engineers feel in their profession, we feel certain they will contribute their time to the program.”

According to MentorNet, more than 80 percent of mentors have recommended MentorNet's e-mentoring program to a friend or colleague. MentorNet matches mentors to protégés automatically and guides their relationship for eight months through e-mail, which makes the time commitment easier, taking on average only 15 minutes a week.

For further information about the AFE Foundation, contact Jeanine Salifou at 571-203-7239.

About The AFE Foundation
The mission of the AFE Foundation is to promote the facilities engineering profession through education, research, training and service to the larger community. The foundation provides scholarships for AFE Certification programs, and is in the process of developing a program to provide scholarships for college students interested in facilities related fields. The Foundation also seeks to raise the profile of facilities engineers by supporting community activities, and by disseminating useful information to facilities maintenance and operations professionals through its Web site at www.Foundation4afe.org.

About The Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE)
AFE is the premier organization for facilities engineers and operations professionals. The association unites a large community of facilities professionals who promote and advocate for ways to efficiently operate and maintain complex building and facility systems, including high performance and sustainable technology. AFE empowers its members through networking, knowledge sharing, training and certification, and provides resources needed for career advancement. AFE further seeks to promote the facilities engineering profession within academia and the broader engineering community. For more information, visit www.afe.org.

About MentorNet
MentorNet’s goal is to advance individuals and society, and enhance engineering and related sciences, by promoting a diversified, expanded and talented global workforce. MentorNet takes e-mentoring to a higher level with its structured mentoring program. Designed to provide wide access and support while retaining economies of scale, MentorNet uses as the Web and an extensive network of organizations and volunteers to serve thousands of protégés each year while keeping costs to companies and campuses low.

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