MillerCoors and its employees support water stewardship

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MillerCoors reinforces its commitment to protect and preserve local water resources, a key sustainable development priority for the company, with its second annual Water Stewardship Volunteer Month this September. MillerCoors breweries across the country will partner with local non-profit organizations to host employee volunteer activities focused on protecting local watersheds.

"Clean, high-quality water is not only a key ingredient in our great beers, it's also an essential ingredient for healthy and vibrant communities across the country," said MillerCoors chief executive officer Leo Kiely.

MillerCoors will build upon the success of its first Water Stewardship Volunteer Month, during which more than 500 employees volunteered 1,650 hours. Through activities with non-profits in 11 MillerCoors communities, employees will help clean up rivers and beaches, test water quality, remove invasive species and plant native trees and shrubs along river banks.

MillerCoors is constantly working to be a good steward of water and reduce water usage. In 2009, the company recorded a water usage ratio of 4.11 barrels of water per barrel of beer produced and continues to work towards its 2015 goal of reducing water usage by 15 percent to achieve a water-to-beer ratio of 3.50 to 1.00. The company is also conducting water foot-printing research to identify and address future risks.

Several MillerCoors breweries across the country have implemented innovative ways to conserve water. At the Fort Worth, Texas, brewery, dry lubricant is used on some of its production lines instead of water and the brewery will switch to the dry lubricant on all lines by the end of 2010. The Fort Worth brewery currently uses 3.5 barrels of water per barrel of beer produced. Several other breweries are also researching the use of dry lubricant in their production lines.

"Water stewardship is a priority for the business and our employees are passionate about making a difference. We build awareness around preserving this precious resource in September to give employees the opportunity to volunteer in the communities where we live and work," Kiely added.

For every employee volunteer hour, MillerCoors will donate $2 to the United Way.

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