Harris Tea facility goes solar as part of sustainability initiatives

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Harris Tea Company, a leading packer of tea and beverages, will start operating its first solar power system on Tuesday, August 31. The array is installed on the company’s two buildings in Anaheim, Calif., and will generate 450,000 kilowatt hours annually.

A “Harris Tea Goes Solar” ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned with key customers and city officials in attendance.

Ray Borooah, CEO of Harris Tea, said, “The solar power project is a major step forward in integrating our sustainability initiatives, focusing on reducing our carbon footprint, and investing in the future of our company, products, and customers.”

As part of Harris Tea’s overall commitment to sustainability, this new initiative is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 300 tons annually, equivalent to eliminating the use of 36,300 gallons of gasoline and avoiding 15 million pounds of green house emissions over the lifetime of the system.

The project was made feasible with partial funding from Anaheim Public Utilities’ Solar Advantage Program through the California Solar Initiative. REC Solar, a leading U.S. solar power integrator, partnered with Harris Tea, providing the design, solar modules and installation expertise.

In continuation of its sustainability initiatives, Harris Tea is committed to moving toward zero-landfill status. In 2009, the company recycled 260 tons of waste and has an ongoing program to reduce packaging material throughout its production facilities. Furthermore, the company created a separate non-profit entity, the Harris Freeman Foundation, to focus on development projects related to education, safety and sustainable farming of tea and herbs in rural source farm communities around the world.

About Harris Tea
Harris Tea Company, a division of Harris Freeman & Company, is the largest blender and packer of Private Label Teas in North America. The company has three production facilities in the USA – California, Georgia and New Jersey. All three plants are certified organic. With more than 60 years of tea experience in procurement and blending, Harris Tea Company is a diversified vendor, packing virtually all types of tea in a wide variety of tea bags and canned iced teas.

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