Toyota details new environmental action plan

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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) on August 25 announced the Fifth Toyota Environmental Action Plan, which sets out specific actions to be implemented from fiscal year 2011 through fiscal year 2015.

The plan is based on TMC's environmental principles of contributing to the growth of a sustainable society and Earth through manufacturing that is in harmony with the environment, making cars and offering quality products and services.

Outline of Fifth Toyota Environmental Action Plan
1. Themes and management of the initiatives
TMC has established three key environmental-action themes: 1) Establishing a low-carbon society, 2) establishing a recycling-based society and 3) protecting the environment and creating a society in harmony with nature. TMC will also formulate programs, specific steps and objectives and promote comprehensive environmental management within development, engineering, procurement, production, logistics, sales and recycling.

2. Main new actions

  • Develop next-generation vehicles that use electricity for propulsion and ensure wider market acceptance of the vehicles based on their characteristics.
  • Promote effective use of resources on a global basis.
  • Strengthen the management of chemical substances in products.

The plan will also be communicated to Toyota subsidiaries and affiliates around the world via Toyota environment committees in Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, China and South Africa.

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