New Crown forklift heats up productivity in cold temperatures

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Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s leading forklift manufacturers, today introduced the Crown SR 5000 Series moving-mast reach truck for cold-storage environments. The Crown SR 5000 features a cold store cabin that allows operators to remain productive in harsh environments where temperatures can reach as low as minus-20 degrees Fahrenheit. The truck is designed as a perfect fit for food and beverage applications where lift heights up to 450 inches are often required.   

The Crown SR 5000 moving mast reach truck is designed to lessen the impact of the cold conditions and ensure optimum reach truck performance, energy savings and minimal maintenance in cold temperature environments. The truck’s cold store cabin is completely integrated into the truck to provide optimal comfort and performance. The truck also features Crown’s exclusive Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control, which allows the advanced AC technology to deliver power and handling matched to the needs of the operator and specific application.

“The application challenges of low temperature environments impact both the operator and productivity,” said Maria Schwieterman, product manager, Crown Equipment. “Working in a freezer application for an entire shift can be a bone-chilling experience for many operators. With temperatures as low as minus-20 Fahrenheit, operators need to warm up on a regular basis, sometimes for as much as 15 minutes every hour. We’ve designed and built a reach truck that makes it easier for operators to work comfortably and continually through their entire shift.”

The design of the cold store cabin is based around the operator and considers visibility from every angle, which is important in cold storage applications where pedestrians and other operators may not see or hear as well. Through the large, scratch-resistant windows, operators can easily view the fork tips and load through a clear visibility mast. Quick defrosting is achieved through heated windows and electric wipers with intermittent, low and high settings. Airtight windows coupled with electronically controlled twin heaters and fans, plus five adjustable air vents, keep the cabin interior warm and comfortable. An adjustable steering column and ergonomically designed seat with an integrated armrest bolster operator comfort while driving.

The rugged cabin structure of the Crown SR 5000 is constructed from tubular steel and is enhanced with a heavy duty skirt. Internal truck components are also treated with anti-corrosion compounds and sealants to lessen the impact of the cold conditions and help prevent rust from forming in the condensation rich environments. Crown also uses a specially formulated cold store hydraulic oil and grease to coat all moving parts of the Crown SR 5000 to ensure high performance levels at low temperatures.

The Crown SR 5000 is available with a range of application-specific options including three types of hydraulic controls (multi-task, fingertip and dual-lever), an intercom system, heated seat, work lights, strobe and a camera system. 

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