Don't hit that bearing! Proper instructions for cold mounting


Cold mounting is the most basic way to mount a cylindrical bore bearing on a straight shaft. The term "cold mounting" implies taking the bearing out of the box and pushing it onto the shaft without using heat to expand the bearing.
Although this is an effective mounting method used by many, extra care must be taken because today's bearings are more precise and potentially susceptible to damage if mounted improperly.
Here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes:

  • Use the three-inch rule: Never cold mount a bearing with an inside diameter larger than three inches (75 millimeters).
  • When cold mounting smaller bearings, always apply 360-degree support on the ring being mounted and apply even pressure. For example, never mount a bearing on the shaft by applying pressure to the outer ring.
  • Bearings with inside diameter larger than three inches (75 mm) should be heated before mounting.
  • NEVER directly strike any bearing. Bearing steel is very hard and brittle, and can shatter on impact. Click Here to find out what you can do to avoid personal injury or damage to your bearings.


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