GE surpassed $5 billion in R&D in ecomagination technology

General Electric

GE announced June 24 that it surpassed $5 billion in ecomagination research and development investment in 2009, one year ahead of schedule, and committed to invest an additional $10 billion by 2015.

Today GE released its 2009 ecomagination annual report, which details the significant progress and milestones achieved since the May 2005 launch, including the announcement of new commitments as the company reaches its fifth anniversary of ecomagination. GE reported that revenues from its portfolio of energy efficient and environmentally advantageous products and services crossed $18 billion in 2009; GHG intensity was reduced 39 percent compared to 2004; and GHG emissions from GE operations were 22 percent lower than the 2004 baseline.

“Ecomagination is one of our most successful cross-company business initiatives. If counted separately, 2009 ecomagination revenues would equal that of a Fortune 130 company and ecomagination revenue growth equals almost two times the company average,” said Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO, GE. “We have made bold investments in ecomagination research and development and it has resulted in strong returns for shareholders.”

“We have grown ecomagination revenue and research and development every year, even in challenging economic times. Given our success, we are committing to do more,” said Steve Fludder, vice president ecomagination. “The vision of a cleaner, affordable, secure and globally accessible energy infrastructure inspires and motivates us. Today, we are doubling our commitments to accelerate our contributions and to lead. We will invest twice as much in the next 5 years.”

The GE ecomagination annual report provides updates on the progress on each of its ecomagination commitments in 2009, and added new commitments for 2010:

  1. Double investment in clean research and development – In 2009, GE invested $1.5 billion on ecomagination R&D, reaching the commitment to double our annual investment by 2010 one year ahead of schedule. GE continues to be committed to unleashing new technology. Therefore, in 2010 GE is introducing a new commitment to invest an additional $10 billion in ecomagination research and development by 2015.
  2. Increase revenues from ecomagination products – In 2009, ecomagination revenues grew six percent to $18 billion even in a challenging global environment. GE is now committing that ecomagination revenue will grow at twice the rate of total company revenue in the next five years, making ecomagination an even larger proportion of total company sales.
  3. Reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve the energy efficiency of its operations – GE reduced its GHG emissions by 22 percent compared to 2004. GE improved its energy intensity 34 percent compared to 2004, surpassing the goal of 30 percent in 20 12. And GE has reduced its GHG intensity 39 percent compared to 2004. By 2015, GE will improve the energy intensity of its operations by 50 percent, and will reduce its absolute GHG emissions by 25 percent (both using the 2004 baseline).
  4. Reduce water use and improve water reuse – GE reduced water consumption 30 percent compared to a 2006 baseline, surpassing the original goal of 20 percent by 2012.
  5. Keep the public informed – GE is continuing ongoing discussions, dialogues and communications to engage with the public on our ecomagination efforts. Coming soon in 2010, the company will launch an updated website at www.ecomagination.comwhere the public can learn more and engage in a dialogue about GE, ecomagination, our customers and our diverse stakeholders.

GE’s ecomagination report is available at, where readers are encouraged to download and read the electronic edition. 

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