Former Intel engineer shares learnings on root cause analysis

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Working in Intel’s manufacturing site in Israel and then its development site in Silicon Valley, Calif., exposed Menachem Horev to some of the best processes in the world. So when he overcame a critical barrier to a new technology problem, his managers noticed.

“They told me that my way of looking into technical problems was something I should teach others. I think that was the exact point when I decided to put my experience on paper,” Horev says.

His experience and insights are detailed in a new book, Root Cause Analysis in Process-Based Industries, published by Trafford Publishing. The book describes how anomalies get introduced into highly controlled and automated process in the first place, then provides methods for moving from an initial symptom to a sharply defined problem with a known cause.

Root Cause Analysis in Process-Based Industries (ISBN: 9781425139773) retails for $34 and is available at  and

About the author:
Menachem Horev has more than 25 years experience in the semiconductor industry. Throughout his career, he held positions in process engineering, materials and failure analysis labs, and process integration in manufacturing and technology development sites. He lives in Israel and dedicates much of his time to training engineers and team leaders in practicing the "Root Cause Analysis: Hierarchical & Analytical Thinking" methodology for solving process and equipment problems. 

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