Ludeca debuts blog on predictive, preventive maintenance technologies

Ludeca, Inc.

Ludeca Inc., a leading provider of laser alignment and condition monitoring solutions, has launched a blog for maintenance and reliability professionals dedicated to helping companies learn and understand predictive and preventive maintenance technologies such as laser alignment, vibration analysis and balancing. The main purpose of the blog (www.ludeca.com/blog) will be to guide companies on how to effectively integrate predictive maintenance into their maintenance and asset management strategies.

The blog is comprised of alignment and vibration experts, guest authors and technical contributors. "Our team of experts contributes practical applications from field experiences and successes in the maintenance arena. They share industry-specific advice, from basics to the most advanced applications." said Ana Maria Delgado, marketing manager.

The blog will also cover the following categories: articles, Webinars, maintenance tips, industry events, product news related to machinery alignment, vibration analysis and balancing.

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