SDT North America delivers powerful ultrasound for PdM pros

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The new SDT270 ultrasonic device from SDT North America represents an evolution for predictive maintenance and reliability professionals. Sporting many firsts, the SDT270 is consistent with SDT’s mission to design progressive and smart instruments.

The first portable ultrasound instrument to include both a built-in temperature sensor and a laser tachometer, the product also has an onboard SQL database to capture and manage survey data.

‘Building Blocks’ concept adds flexibility
The SDT270 remains true to SDT’s reputation for intelligent instrument design. The company’s “building blocks” concept combines options for hardware flexibility, software for data management, and sensors that promote ergonomics and ease of use. The SDT270, in combination with the Ultranalysis Suite, maintains simplicity for those who need it, while providing sophistication for those who want it.

Accurate and comparable wave files
SDT270 uses True Amplitude to give ultrasound inspectors, for the first time, the ability to maintain a database of accurate sound files. Each wave file is sampled 250,000 time per second. The result is clear, accurate and comparable time signals stored in the SDT270’s massive internal memory.

Remote support and training
An ultrasound detector that connects to the Internet offers new levels of support options. Remote access for support, training and measurement triggering brings new possibilities to your ultrasound program.

Two channel inputs
Two-channel sequential measurement means multiple sensors can connect to your SDT270 for faster collection of data. Store static data (dBμV), record dynamic sound files, measure temperature and RPM, and acceleration without exchanging sensors. The SDT270 redefines intelligent

instrument design to make more efficient use of your time.

SDT270’s upgradeable platforms
The SDT270 Platform gives customization with the opportunity to upgrade as your program grows. Choose from six base formats, then add sensors and software to build a collector unique to your needs.

SDT270 is even more powerful with UAS software. UAS forms a synergistic partnership between your SDT270, your PC and your PdM team.

UAS – Ultranalysis Suite
UAS manages the collection, processing and analysis of data measured by the SDT270. It’s a library to store and organize information that’s easy to retrieve.

UAS manages static data (dBμV, degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, RPM, SCFM, dBA), as well as dynamic data (ultrasound signals for time and spectrum analysis). UAS’s tree structure allows for as large a database as you need, with the ability to organize smaller surveys so you can set your own pace. Synchronous databases resident on both your PC and your SDT270 allows on-the-fly creation of survey points.

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