Kinetic Systems offers vibration surveys for sensitive equipment

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Kinetic Systems Inc., a manufacturer of vibration-control workstations and optical tables, offers vibration surveys for new buildings or existing facilities.

To ascertain potentially damaging vibration amplitudes and frequencies in customer facilities, engineers from Kinetic Systems conduct thorough on-site surveys using a portable Fourier analyzer, high-sensitivity accelerometers, and advanced data-acquisition systems. They measure vertical and horizontal vibrations over the required frequency range and average the data over time to produce amplitude and velocity spectra of the facility’s normal vibration levels. Further analysis takes into account the weights, “footprints,” cg (centers of gravity), and expected uses of the devices to be protected, as well as the maximum allowable vibration and other specifications from equipment manufacturers. Kinetic Systems engineers are also trained to perform more advanced testing with impulse-response techniques when necessary. Finally, the data is plotted on graphs (log-scale, narrow-bandwidth spectrums, modified to octave or third-octave bands) and supplied to the customer in a complete report. If vibration control is recommended, the report will detail the degree of protection necessary and how to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Kinetic Systems provides vibration-isolation equipment for high-precision work such as biotechnology research, certain manufacturing operations (optics, semiconductors, etc.), and quality control.

Kinetic Systems is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of vibration isolation equipment, optical tables, and related components. For more information, visit

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