Ultrasound World VI announces presenter lineup, agenda for conference

UE Systems Inc.

The Ultrasound World VI conference, launching May 10, will feature four days of presentations, workshops, classes and an optional CMRP exam with a strong emphasis on application based case histories using ultrasound as part of a profitable predictive maintenance strategy.

A true networking event, presenters will be able to share their wisdom and technical insights, helping attendees optimize the performance of this important PdM technology. With the addition of Dr. James Neale, an internationally recognized industrial research analyst and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Waikato in New Zealand and his presentation on "Monitoring of Variable Speed Bearings Using Structure Borne Ultrasound", Ultrasound World has truly become among the most useful conferences for global reliability insight and education.

A full agenda of this conference along with abstracts and bios of each of the 12 selected presentations is available on the UE Systems Web site at www.uesystems.com.

Some other notable presentations include:

The Hidden Factory – Finding Additional Capacity From Existing Assets
Keynote Speaker: Mike Aroney, principal advisor for GP Allied, LLC

The Challenges of an Aging Workforce  
Douglas Robey, managing director, and Sheri Winter, director of business development for GP Manufacturing Group  

Mass Flow Meters and Leak Detectors: An Essential Combination for Compressed Air Measurements
Cynthia Kuiper MSc
, sales and marketing manager, VPInstruments

Electrical Equipment "Screams" for Attention!  Decoding High Frequency "SOS" Calls
Joseph D. Gierlach, Jr., vice president, technical training and support, TEGG Corporation 

The Utilization of Ultrasound Predictive Maintenance at Harbor Terminal   
Ernesto Alonso Gayle Francis, director, Primus Predictive, S.A. (Panama)   

Ultrasound" the Cornerstone of a Predictive Maintenance Program   
Dean Schill, corporate predictive technologies manager, Quad Graphics   

“In a time when almost every plant manager is looking for new ways to reduce costs and carbon footprint, Ultrasound World provides the tools and techniques that all but guarantee a more efficient, safer, and more profitable predictive maintenance program,” said Alan Bandes, vice president of marketing for UE Systems. “From the economy to planet at large, efficiency is the new keyword that drives our industry. This conference offers tangible solutions for plant efficiency that can be implemented the moment attendees return home.” 

UE Systems has been setting the standards for ultrasound technology since 1973, and has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the development of airborne and structure born ultrasound inspection equipment. Producers of Ultraprobe ultrasonic inspection guns, UES provides tools and training for enhancing any PdM program including the need for essential energy conservation techniques.

For more information, contact Bandes at 914-592-1220 or abandes@att.net.

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