Azima DLI unveils enhanced machinery condition assessment software

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Azima DLI, a leader and provider of predictive machine condition monitoring and analysis services, on April 5 announced a significant upgrade to its advanced machinery condition assessment software, ExpertALERT 3.40. Manufacturers now have the ability to improve plant performance by better prioritizing machine repairs while remaining focused on reliability and uptime priorities based on the ability to more rapidly collect and process data, and access accurate results through the Azima DLI WATCHMAN Reliability Portal.

Azima DLI’s automated solution provides plant managers with actionable, easy-to-understand fault diagnosis, fault severity and repair priority data for each machine they measure. ExpertALERT is an ideal solution for manufactures with significant workforce and budget restrictions because it provides timely information that is crucial to not only identifying critical machinery faults before they happen, but also for avoiding unnecessary maintenance.

ExpertALERT 3.40 includes a wide array of productivity and performance features including:

  • Fifty percent faster data collection for DCX and DCA-60 data collectors: The DCX and DCA-60 data collection has been optimized with the data collection time reduced from 37 seconds to only 19 seconds.
  • New User Defined Point Capabilities: User-defined points (UDPs) may now be defined at the plant or area levels of the database hierarchy. UDPs allow external files of any type to be embedded in the ALERT database and referenced from the application software. By allowing UDPs at the plant or area level, reports covering groups of machines now have a home in the database tree. UDPs are now replicated between master and subscriber databases.
  • Improved Accuracy of Bearing Fault Frequencies: A new Bearing Database Update Tool lets users update the “standard” bearings in an ExpertALERT database without affecting new bearings that have been entered. This update improves the accuracy of the fault frequencies of the bearings included with ExpertALERT.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Support: ExpertALERT now supports the Windows 7 Operating System.
  • New “Quick Review” of expert system automated analysis: Results that have not been reviewed can now be automatically screened based on severity level by selecting this option from the Expert menu.
  • New Support for Single-Axis Sensors: A new data collector option lets users change to single-axis mode to collect data in all three directions at a bearing with a single-axis sensor connected to Channel 1. When data collection is started, the system prompts the user to connect the sensor for each axis in turn and store the data appropriately.
  • Ability to override sensitivity settings for triaxial accelerometers: A new data collector option lets users specify sensitivity settings for all three axes of the accelerometer and override the single sensitivity setting specified in the database for this particular sensor location. This allows for more accurate data collection based on the actual calibration of the triaxial sensor. When this option is selected, additional fields appear so maintenance professionals can enter the model and serial number of the sensor and the sensitivity necessary (in mV/G) for each of the three channels.

“Azima DLI’s services and solutions are aimed at plants that recognize the direct correlation between ROI and performance,” said Jonathan Hakim, president, Azima DLI. “The urgency to cut operational costs has left many manufacturing companies with significant challenges in maintaining the performance of their condition monitoring program. The ExpertALERT solution provides companies with critical machinery health information that helps ensure optimal machinery performance and uptime while boosting employee productivity.” 

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