3M introduces asset and inventory tracking system

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3M Track and Trace Solutions introduces the Asset and Inventory Tracking System, a flexible, easy and secure method of tracking, locating and managing assets. Composed of 3M software, RFID or barcode tags and their corresponding readers, the Asset and Inventory Tracking System allows businesses to streamline their operations by efficiently monitoring and managing assets and inventory.

The system can be used in a variety of ways to track assets and manage critical inventory. Its compatibility with both RFID and barcode tags allows companies greater flexibility in selecting a system to meet their needs. Either 3M or third-party hardware and tags can be used by the software, allowing customers to leverage equipment they already own. Additionally, the barcode printing feature allows customers to use their existing printers rather than purchasing new equipment. 3M’s commercial grade wireless handheld reader gives customers a powerful tool for mobile asset management. For greater flexibility, the system’s software eliminates the need to install and configure servers – data is automatically backed up in a Tier III data center, where it is available anywhere and at any time.

“The 3M system is designed to be flexible enough to suit a wide variety of customer needs,” said Rory Yanchek, general manager of 3M Track and Trace, “and since the system is a hosted application, our customers can be up and running quickly, without the need to install and configure servers or purchase database licenses.”

The 3M system offers a number of user-friendly features that help make it a more complete solution for customers’ tracking needs. Customers can simply tag assets with an RFID or barcode tag, after which fixed or mobile handheld readers can be used to check out items to individual users, locate assets in a workflow or give users more visibility of their inventory. A Search and Report function allows managers to quickly generate data on assets and inventory. System software allows users to attach documents such as owner’s manuals and warranties to the asset record, helping to keep the item’s information organized electronically.

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