Xtreme Power and First Wind strengthen Hawaii's power grid

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Xtreme Power, a provider of Dynamic Power Resources (DPRs) for utility-scale power management and energy storage systems, on March 9 announced a collaboration with wind energy company First Wind to deploy its energy storage and management technology at First Wind’s Kaheawa Wind Project (KWP) and proposed Kahuka Wind Project in Hawaii. This week, First Wind announced it has received $117 million in Department of Energy loan guarantees for the Kahuka project.

Wind energy is often challenged with intermittency issues and variable output, making it difficult for utilities to plan and manage renewable generation in response to the power demands of the grid. Xtreme Power’s utility-scale storage system is the first of its kind to provide continuous adjustment of second-to-second intermittent output from wind generation, controlling ramp rates (both up and down) during large changes in wind velocities and enabling the capture of curtailed output from wind generation, allowing stored energy to be used during periods of peak demand.

Located on Maui, the 30-megawatt Kaheawa Wind project consists of 20 GE wind turbine generators, supported by a 1.5 MW Xtreme PowerTM energy storage and power management system. Utilizing this utility-scale storage system allows First Wind to deliver power within strict ramping criteria and store the energy generated during curtailment periods, when demand is low, for later use during peak periods. The system has been operating successfully at KWP for the past six months.

“The Kaheawa project marks the first time an energy storage technology has proven capable of delivering predictable power to the grid at a low cost,” said Carlos Coe, president and CEO of Xtreme Power. “We are proud to be part of this impressive project and look forward to partnering with First Wind in Kahuka, as we work to bring Hawaii closer to achieving its renewable energy goals.”

First Wind also intends to incorporate a 15 MVA, 10 MW/hour energy storage system from Xtreme Power in its DOE-financed Kahuku Wind project. The patented energy storage and power management system will enable the project to provide as much as 10 MW of power for at least an hour during periods of low wind speeds. The project is in its final permitting stages.

“We believe Kahuku Wind will demonstrate the tremendous potential for battery storage solutions to maximize the efficiency of utility-scale wind projects by smoothing output and providing some energy at off-peak times,” said Paul Gaynor, CEO of First Wind. “We look forward to working with Xtreme Power on both of these projects.” 

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