Intel honors 10 firms with Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award

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Intel Corporation honored 10 companies March 3 with its Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) award for 2009. The award recognizes overall excellence and commitment to quality among companies that provide products and services deemed vital to Intel’s business success.

“We are pleased to recognize these world-class suppliers and their essential role in Intel’s continued delivery of leading-edge technology to our customers.”

The 2009 SCQI winners are Daewon Semiconductor Packaging Industrial Company Ltd.; DEK International GmBh; DISCO Corporation; Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation; Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.; Moses Lake Industries (Tama Chemicals); Munters Corporation; Senju Metal Industry Company Ltd.; SUMCO Corporation; and Verizon Business.

“The SCQI winners have demonstrated a superb level of achievement and ongoing commitment to excellence,” said William Holt, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Technology and Manufacturing Group. “We are pleased to recognize these world-class suppliers and their essential role in Intel’s continued delivery of leading-edge technology to our customers.”

“These 10 suppliers were industry role models during the rapidly changing business environment of 2009,” said Brian Krzanich, senior vice president and general manager of Manufacturing and Supply Chain for Intel Corporation. “They are key partners in Intel’s drive to build the world’s best supply chain through innovation, increased agility, customer responsiveness and environmental sustainability.”

The SCQI award is part of Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement program, which encourages Intel’s key suppliers to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. To qualify for SCQI status, suppliers must score at least 95 percent on a report card that assesses performance and ability to meet cost, quality, availability, delivery, technology and customer satisfaction goals. Suppliers must also achieve 90 percent or greater on a challenging improvement plan and demonstrate solid quality and business systems. Furthermore, this year’s awardees demonstrated compliance to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct and Intel’s Environmental Social Governance Program. Additional information about the SCQI program is available at http://supplier.intel.com/quality.

Recognition events, in conjunction with Intel Supplier Day, will be held in Tokyo and Anaheim, Calif. this month to honor the winners. In addition, an announcement will run in the March 31 U.S. edition and April 1 Europe and Asia editions of The Wall Street Journal with acknowledgement on Intel’s corporate Web site, www.intel.com.

The SCQI winners provide Intel with the following products or services:

  • Daewon Semiconductor Packaging Industrial Company Ltd.* supplies plastic injection mold trays.
  • DEK International GmBh* supplies solder paste and flux printing equipment.
  • DISCO Corporation* supplies precision cutting, grinding and polishing equipment.
  • Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation* supplies etching systems, FE SEMs, CD SEMs and defect inspection systems.
  • Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.* supplies diffusion furnaces.
  • Moses Lake Industries (Tama Chemicals)* supplies ultra-high purity process and performance chemicals.
  • Munters Corporation* supplies VOC abatement equipment.
  • Senju Metal Industry Company Ltd.* supplies surface mount materials.
  • SUMCO Corporation* supplies 200mm and 300mm polished and test silicon wafers.
  • Verizon Business supplies global communications solutions.

*2008 SCQI award winner

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