Survey seeks respondents on how to sustain reliability

ARC Advisory Group

ARC Advisory Group is undertaking a survey to better understand manufacturers’ approach to reliability for the management of physical assets. ARC hopes to better understand the organization’s objectives and strategy, what assessment tools have been implemented, and the improvements realized. In addition, it also hopes to understand an organization’s commitment to reliability.

Manufacturers are facing a variety of challenges including a mass exodus of skilled labor and related knowledge base, operating with aging equipment, environmental, health and safety issues, mountains of data to process, and energy management concerns while simultaneously producing quality product. Reliability of operational assets is proving to be an effective tool where the benefits can be directly impact the bottom line.

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), predictive maintenance (PdM), Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and root cause analysis (RCA) are just some of the many techniques available that are designed to maximize productivity through improvement in maintenance and operations practices.

Who Should Participate in this Survey?
This survey is designed for, and should be taken by, end-users at the executive, management and plant level who are involved in the maintenance and operational aspects of an organization, and have knowledge about the business situation of their company.

If there is someone else in your organization that could also contribute, feel free to invite them to also take the survey. All answers are kept strictly confidential, and no company specific information or individual responses will be disclosed. Furthermore, ARC states that it does not disclose the fact that you participated in the survey.

Benefits of Taking the Survey
Respondents can view preliminary results immediately after they take the survey, and all will receive a free summary report after the research is completed. The survey is designed to take less than five minutes.

The survey can be found at Sustaining Reliability

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