HI publishes rotodynamic pumps for vibration standard

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The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has published a new American National Standard for Rotodynamic Pumps for Vibration Measurements and Allowable Values (ANSI/HI 9.6.4 - 2009).


HI’s Rotodynamic Pumps for Vibration Measurements and Allowable Values standard applies to the evaluation of vibration on rotodynamic pump applications. It pertains to evaluation of vibration when the vibration measurements are made on non-rotating parts (bearing housing vibration). The general evaluation criteria are included for acceptance tests in field environments or at the manufacturer’s test facility, as appropriate and as defined in the standard.


“This new normative vibration standard builds upon the trends begun in the previously published standard, with significant improvements that should facilitate the use of the document, allow it to find broad acceptance, and benefit the pump industry,” said Jack Claxton, vice president of engineering for Patterson Pump Company and chairman of the Hydraulic Institute Vibration Committee.


This document will be supplemented in the future by a new ground-breaking guideline document, Dynamics of Pumping Machinery, currently being drafted by the committee.


This standard is based on experiences from pump users and manufacturers as well as vibration measurements by many companies. Vibration data from both factory test and field test environments have been incorporated into the maximum allowable vibration values. Values are applicable when the pump is installed per Hydraulic Institute or the manufacturer’s specifications.  


"The newly restated HI Vibration Standard comes as a result of substantial research and brings together collective experiences of pump users and manufacturers from a variety of industry segments,” stated Mick Cropper, global product development manager for Sulzer Pumps US Inc. and vice chairman of HI’s Vibration Committee.


Copies of Rotodynamic Pumps for Vibration Measurements and Allowable Values will be available for $115 by visiting HI’s e-Store at www.eStore.Pumps.org or by calling the purchasing line at 973-267-9700, ext. 118.


The Hydraulic Institute (HI) is the largest association of pump producers and suppliers to the pump industry in North America and is a global authority on pumps and pumping systems. HI Pump Standards are reliable, widely accepted references for anyone involved in pumps, including users, consultants, contractors, construction firms, manufacturers of pumps, seals, motors, instrumentation, controls, and pump software developers and systems integrators. HI periodically introduces new Standards based on industry needs. For more information about the Hydraulic Institute, its member companies and Standards Partners, visit www.Pumps.org and www.PumpLearning.org.

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