Test system monitors vibration and other operations

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Sciemetric Instruments, an industry leader in manufacturing quality control technology, announced the newest addition to the sigPOD family of products.

sigPOD PSV is an out-of-the-box, user-configurable solution that can be used to test or monitor virtually any operation during manufacturing, including press, torque, vibration, dispense and functional test. An intuitive setup interface makes it easy to leverage the expansive library of processing and analysis tools available, and can be used on up to eight channels to allow for greater output without sacrificing quality.

sigPOD PSV is equipped with Sciemetric's robust Process Signature Verification software, and in addition to its straightforward user interface features: robust data collection options, powerful processing speed, thorough analysis, built in signal conditioning, comprehensive data management and reporting features, and unparalleled connectivity.

About Sciemetric Instruments
Founded in 1981, Sciemetric Instruments provides its manufacturing intelligence software and test platforms to companies around the world to detect and analyze manufacturing defects as they occur, improve quality, increase productivity and decrease costs across the entire production lifecycle. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company has its North American sales office in the U.S., European offices in the United Kingdom, and sales and support at its new office in India.

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