Azima DLI partners with FLIR to enhance IR services

RP news wires, Noria Corporation

Global condition monitoring services company Azima DLI on June 9 announced enhancements to its infrared thermography capabilities that combine the company’s WATCHMAN Reliability Services with industry leading imagers from FLIR Systems. With this enhanced offering, industrial customers gain access to both the most accurate and sophisticated thermal measurement technology and the world’s best team of infrared imagery experts.


Together with FLIR Systems’ imagers, Azima DLI has standardized its thermography equipment and software to help plant managers better visualize and measure thermal energy emitted from equipment to meet insurance compliance requirements or support a full infrared inspection program. With a common technology platform and a staff of expert thermographers, Azima DLI’s full-service program covers a wide range of equipment such as electrical systems, furnaces, bearings, batteries and motors to help identify at-risk equipment before it fails, decrease the risk of fire, and improve plant efficiency and uptime.


“We have worked closely with FLIR Systems to integrate their cameras and software into our existing WATCHMAN Reliability Services offering. With a bench of the world’s most experienced thermography professionals using the best infrared imagers on the market, Azima DLI is in a strong position to increase our market share in this space and deliver unsurpassed results to our customers,” said Jonathan Hakim, president, Azima DLI. “Since thermography is often a necessary component of existing condition monitoring programs, Azima DLI customers can feel confident that they have access to top-of-the line products and services to meet all of their industrial equipment reliability and performance needs.”


Infrared thermography is an important component of a comprehensive machine condition monitoring program because it alerts plant managers when heat levels rise above acceptable thresholds. It can also help identify faults in electrical systems or equipment based on excessive or imbalances in heat – or even the absence of heat – before larger problems arise. Using the rugged FLIR Systems’ portable imagers, engineers can take readings from heat exchange equipment without having to shut down difficult-to-access areas where safety could be a concern. Often used in combination with other programs like vibration, lube oil analysis, balancing and alignment, Azima DLI’s advanced thermography services help industrial plants better predict equipment repairs and gain control over maintenance schedules to optimize plant operations and machine reliability.


To formalize this new offering, Azima DLI integrated FLIR Systems’ imagers and related software with its existing WATCHMAN Reliability Services, which features the industry’s most advanced and reliable analytical software with remote monitoring capabilities. Data from the FLIR Systems’ imagers can be fed directly into Azima DLI’s Web-based WATCHMAN Reliability Portal, which allows Azima DLI experts to analyze the data remotely. Additionally, Azima DLI has developed a standard database and storage procedure for reports and images that is easily accessible by plant managers and Azima DLI analysts which will speed adoption and time to value.

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