Activate, don't procrastinate on assignments

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Most people will agree that avoiding procrastination is simply impossible. However, can you just imagine what would it be like if you would acknowledge procrastination and work it into your day to the best of your abilities? How can you procrastinate well? By listing your tasks on paper, you will feel more committed. Even if you don't get to your tasks until two days later, you will still be ahead of the crowd. The biggest advantage is that you will not only feel better but you will feel more in control of your life. You will feel your energy going up and your stress levels going down. Now, don't procrastinate on watching this video!

Karin Lindner is the founder and owner of KARICO Performance Solutions located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. As an employee engagement and motivation specialist focusing on the manufacturing sector, her mission is to develop employee excellence in every level of the organization, one company at a time.

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