Virtual benchmarking tour of lean Raytheon plant

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Raytheon's Integrated Air Defense Center (IADC) in Andover, Mass., began their continuous improvement journey in 2003 with a Raytheon Six Sigma initiative. This initiative began the evolution of a culture of continuous improvement, waste identification and waste elimination throughout the organization. The employees at the IADC recognized the importance of lean manufacturing and continued to implement best practices through the follow-on Lean Initiative for Value Excellence. Starting in 2005, the IADC focused even more acutely on Lean transformation by engaging every employee through a program they call Operational Excellence. The foundation for Operational Excellence is based on getting every employee engaged in the business and focused on eliminating waste through Total Employee Engagement (TEE).

Through the Operational Excellence model, the IADC has consistently improved quality and productivity throughout its processes. In recognition of their efforts, the Integrated Air Defense Center was awarded a 2008 North American Shingo Silver Medallion for Operational Excellence and is also a 2008 Environmental Protection Agency WasteWise Gold Achievement Award winner.

This Virtual Plan Tour Video highlights many diverse examples of continuous improvement that have been implemented through the cohesive efforts of the Raytheon workforce.

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