CAW launches groundbreaking study tracking laid-off workers

RP news wires
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On June 7, the Canadian Auto Workers union unveiled a study tracking laid-off workers in three different cities across southern Ontario that highlights how incredibly difficult it remains to find work in the current economy. The study, which is the first of its kind in the province, tracks a random sample of workers at the Collins and Aikman auto parts plant in Toronto, Chrysler Canada in Brampton and Kitchener Frame in Kitchener, many of whom lost their jobs only months prior to the official beginning of the recession. The study was written by Sam Vrankulj of McMaster University and focuses on the experience of manufacturing workers struggling with plant closures and lost jobs. It examines the various challenges in finding new employment and retraining; the impacts on workers' health and well-being, and the role of action centres in providing critical supports. CAW president Ken Lewenza said the study shows that "Bay Street and Main Street are worlds apart." He said it underlines how workers hard hit by the financial crisis are being left behind.

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