The origin of ISO 9000 standards

RP news wires, Noria Corporation

The story of ISO 9000 Standards is a story of standards, methods and regulation. The brief history that follows is in no way comprehensive but is intended to illustrate four things:
1) that ISO 9000 standards are an ancient concept that survived several millennia; that a means of verifying compliance often follows the setting of
2) that the formalizing of working practices is centuries old and seen as a
means to consistently meet standards;
3) that market regulation (relative to the standard of goods and services) has been around for centuries for the protection of both craftsmen and
4) ISO 9000 is a symptom of practices that were around centuries before anyone coined the term quality management. It is in some respects a natural progression that will continue to evolve.

The story is told from a British viewpoint.

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