Datastick vibration analyzer/smartphone demo


The Datastick SiteConnex VSA-2215 instantly connects a technician in the field with vibration analysis assistance, maintenance coordination and written work authorizations from the main plant, office or anywhere.

  • Smartphone- and e-mail-enabled vibration analyzer allows technicians to capture vibration data in the field with very little training, and instantly send the data to a vibration expert for immediate help via phone and email — all on the same instrument
  • Instantly notify management of critical machine reliability issues, and provide supportng data for complete documented accountability
  • Authorize a repair in writing via text message or email
  • Minimize downtime by getting technical assistance NOW — even when you're miles away from help
  • Confirm new machine acceptance or a completed repair while you're still on site

The Datastick SiteConnex VSA-2215 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer opens the door to more and better use of vibration analysis in predictive maintenance for facilities of all sizes, especially those with remote locations. It saves time and money, eliminates guesswork and reduces return trips to remote locations. It cuts training requirements for field personnel. It allows consultants and clients to work more efficiently and effectively. That means increased machine reliability and uptime.