LASERNET FINES® Q200 – A Solution to Oil Analysis

This paper describes how using the state-of-the-art LaserNet Fines® (LNF) Q200 instrument in your lab provides an accurate, cost-effective solution to traditional methods of analyzing oil debris particles. LNF offers a “one-stop shopping solution” to identifying the type, rate of production, and severity of mechanical faults by measuring the size, distribution, rate of production, and shape features (“silhouettes”) of wear debris in lubricating oil. No longer are highly trained human analysts and time-consuming calibration procedures at specified flow rates required to obtain accurate particle counts and particle shape classification. The focus of this paper is to provide details on how the LNF operates and how its method of particle counting and optical image analysis compares to laser style particle counters and traditional analytical ferrography. Finally, two cases studies, one for an Engine Test Cell and one for a Gearbox Accelerated Failure test, are discussed in the paper to demonstrate how the LNF technology offers unique active machine wear results, without the qualitative subjectivity and potential cost of traditional ferrographic analysis.  View Spectro Scientific's Privacy Policy
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