Easy Vac, Inc.

Address: 7922 Nubbin Ridge Rd.
Knoxville, TN . 37919

Website: http://www.easyvac.com

Company Profile

Easy Vac, Inc. manufactures and distributes the Vampire fluid sampling pump, which is a small and efficient, hand-operated vacuum pump. Originally designed for oil sampling, Vampire pumps are used in a variety of applications such as construction, environmental/hazardous wastes, chemical plants, transportation and military. Easy Vac, Inc. also distributes HDPE sampling containers in sizes ranging from 60ml (2 oz) to 960 ml (32 oz), and poly tubing. Both are guaranteed not to collapse under the 27" HG Mercury vacuum that the Vampire pumps are capable of producing.

We now offer certified ISO 4406 "super clean" bottles for particle counting. We also offer filter funnels for making quick filtergrams (patches) for viewing wear particles and contaminants under a microscope.

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